Emergency Departments are commonly referred to as the “safety net” of healthcare. Staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days per year; emergency departments and Emergency Physicians are there for you.  Emergency Physicians are trained to evaluate and stabilize all types of medical emergencies.

The Emergency Physicians and Allied Health Professionals of East Central Iowa Acute Care will always be there for you at the time of your emergency, but are also proud to serve in many other roles.

  • ECIAC providers are honored to play a role in educating emergency medicine residents from the University of Iowa as well as physician assistants, nurse practitioners and medical students from many different schools.

  • We are medical directors of the emergency departments we serve, but also of numerous emergency medical service agencies. This means that our physicians work side by side in directing your care not only in the ER, but also in the ambulance or helicopter, before you even arrive at the hospital.

  • Physicians in our group have leadership roles within our hospitals, including three medical directorships, medical staff past-president, and many committee memberships.

  • ECIAC Physicians and Allied Health Professionals hold leadership roles in national medical societies, including American College of Emergency Physicians, American Association of Emergency Medicine, and American Association of Physician Assistants. Leadership in these organizations means that members of our team are working hard to improve emergency medical care, preserve access to unscheduled healthcare, and maintain a healthy and safe environment for the healthcare professionals that serve you.

  • Most importantly, we are active members of the community. ECIAC team members and their families serve in many roles; coaches, scout leaders, big brothers/sisters, board members for charitable organizations, church leaders, PTO’s and more. We take pride in the balance that we have between professional and personal life.